Work Samples

The sample images below come from the following bodies of work:

Ten Year Polaroid Project (photography, performance, installation, video);  Dark Tourist seeks lost Galitzianers’ Treasure (photography); Dear Family, I Love You (photography); Laurentian Internationale: Land, Family, and Affection (photography); 2011 Wisconsin Protests (photography); Proposal for The New American Flag (photography, video, performance, installation, interactive media). For time-based media components of work, including Who Is Stealing My Signs?, please see:


Ten Year Polaroid Project (photography, performance, installation, video)

I took a Polaroid self-portrait every day for ten years and one day. If laid side by side, the photographs–documents of daily performances—would span over a quarter of a mile, or nearly 4 football fields.
4,583 Polaroid self-portraits taken on 3,654 consecutive days (July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009). SX-70 and 600 Polaroid Film. Approximate area 480 sq feet or installed as 40’x12’.
Taxonomy from 2006 of Polaroids on days in which I wore this particular blue track jacket. From the Ten Year Polaroid project (July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009).
Blue Track Jacket (2006). Polaroid 600 Film.  Scanned and printed as 11×14” giclée (2009)

Taxonomy from 2006 of Polaroids on days in which I photographed myself with my son. From the Ten Year Polaroid project (July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009).

Father and Son (2006). Polaroid 600 Film. Scanned and printed as 11×14” giclée (2009).

Taxonomy from 1999-2000 of Polaroids on days in which I photographed myself in visually striking or exotic locations (places). From the Ten Year Polaroid project (July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009).

Places (Boca Raton, Hyde Park, Lower Manhattan, Dead Sea) 1999-2000. Polaroid SX-70 Film. Scanned and printed as 11×14” giclée (2009).

Dark Tourist seeks lost Galitzianers’ Treasure (photo series)

Visiting Poland as an adult grandchild of Jewish Holocaust survivors was a vivid experience.

The beauty of the place, Galizia, the southern part of Poland, Lesser or Little Poland, Małopolska, the cities, the Vistula River, the countryside, the Carpathian Mountains, the generosity of the people, was stunning.

This is a surreal contradiction to the deep shock of learning the intricacies of genocide.

Tour van outside the Great Market Square in Zamość. (2007). 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

Indeed, a great deal of thinking and planning has gone into the development of post-communist Poland, to be both aesthetically astute and commercially successful, to a niche market for dark tourism, (the visiting of sites of tragedy, such as mass murder camps, New York’s Ground Zero, etc…).

Crossing down by the Vistula River, Krakow. (2007). 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

Usually tastefully apart from the reflective and meditative spaces of the deeply disturbing sites of monstrous, systematic murders, are places where you can return from your journey with souvenirs of a lost culture.

In the cities, near the historical Jewish districts, it’s easy to find a recognizable pieces of once Jewish property such as brass candle holders (in varying states of polished shine or grime) that imply that “I’m looking at material objects that were once held by my kinfolk and their community.”

Antique store window, Krakow. (2007). 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

The death camp in Bełżec was the first place where stationary gas chambers were used to kill Jewish people.

From March to December 1942 about 500 thousand people were murdered here, most of whom were Jews from Galizia (the former Austrian crown land that belonged to Poland between the two world wars and now stretches across Southern Poland and Western Ukraine).

Mina, my great-grandmother, Bełżec. (2007). 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

Dear Family, I Love You (photo series)

Inspired by love and loss of families in my communities, these portraits are an attempt to account a rich exposition of families that I am connected to through my own children and family.

Deal Marquez Family
Deal Marquez Family

In my invitation letter to this first group of families, I offered that I be allowed to come into their homes, make a photograph, and exhibit it publicly in exhange for an exhibition quality print, the digital file, and permission for the families to share it on social media.

 I’d like to make a portrait of your family, in your home.

I’d like for you to think about and discuss where your family’s favorite place in your home is, and I’ll come and photograph you there. I’ll be thinking about light and stuff, so that doesn’t have to be your primary concern, but perhaps there is also a certain time of day that the place becomes your favorite place. I’ll do my best to make everyone as photogenic as possible with my simple picture taking and lighting apparatus, but dress your family however you’d like to see them.

Why am I doing this?

I feel that our families have a connection through our children’s school, through dinners or parties, but most essentially through our homes and the rooms we inhabit when we get together, socialize and play. I’m a collector, too, so I want to keep you in my menagerie as a way of keeping you in my heart. 

Basting Lichtenstein Family
Basting Lichtenstein Family

Weisbord Acres: A Land-Community (photo series)

About an hour’s drive north of the vibrant city of Montréal, Québec, in the Laurentian Mountains, is an idyllic enclave, cherished by five generations of a family.

Tim's Garage
Tim’s Garage

Established in the early 20th century by Canadian communists, their descendants maintain this land community that swells in the summertime with friends and extended families cottaging and visiting permanent residents.

Alana's Garden at Studio
Alana’s Garden at Studio

The community strives to protect the beauty and the natural resources of the area by limiting development and preserving common areas for varied activities.

Frog Catching Advice on the Boulder at the Pool
Frog Catching Advice on the Boulder at the Pool

However, the precious resources of pristine water and private, secluded woods are increasingly coming under threat from development projects on multiple fronts.

2011 Wisconsin Protests (photo series)

February 16, 2011.

Just before the Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda was filled and occupied for weeks a Union representative for Firefighters gave this rousing call: “When a building is on fire, while people are rushing out, who rushes in? That’s right, the Firefighters. We rush in. And that’s what we are going to do today. We will lead this march in to the Capitol to stop this attack on worker rights, on education, and the American middle-class.”

Firefighters led the protest into the State Capitol, Feb. 16, 2011. Madison, WI. 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

February 16, 2011.

More than 15,000 protestors picketed around and packed in to the Capitol Rotunda in Madison, Wisconsin on February 16, 2011. The Department of Administration measured an average of 105.8 decibels in the rotunda during this day’s protest against stripping collective bargaining rights from state workers and massive cuts to public education.

Protesters at the end of the day, Feb. 16, 2011. Madison, WI. 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

April 2, 2011.

In a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Milwaukee, represented by a conservative Republican State Senator, activists encouraged residents to express themselves to their elected officials using dry-erase boards, as a means of re-enfranchisement.

Your parents had collective bargaining. Milwaukee, WI. 14 x 9” giclée print (2011).

Proposal for The New American Flag (photography, video, performance, installation, interactive media).

Screenshot of the proposed design and excerpts from letters from the website ( that accompanies the Exhibition, Proposal for The New American Flag (2007).

Installation view. Institute of Visual Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October 12, 2007.

Changes to The American Flag, 32 x 40” Poster for display in the Exhibition, Proposal for The New American Flag (2007). Inkjet Print mounted on gator board.

40 x 32” Poster for display in the Exhibition, Proposal for The New American Flag (2007). Inkjet Print mounted on gator board.

Screenshot of the interactive map from the website ( that accompanies the Exhibition, Proposal for The New American Flag: Representing a New Constellation (2007).

For Time Based Media, please see:


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